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Za and M. Mogul who were unanimous with the decision. Now I have to figure out how to actually implement this! Text packages are not affected unless you exceed your package maximum. It's not that easy, there are several great ideas! I have a few other folks helping with this. Thanks for all that offered the suggestions. The winner will be announced in the next few days. Correct Sprint 3G areas [thanks Jason].

No contract. Does NOT include text or data. Limited to Sprint PCS network only. Includes unlimited text. It's not clear whether roaming partners are included but it appears so. Brought to you by the good people that support the site by purchasing from my links and ads. I am giving away a Boost Mobile it. It was my Boost test phone for a few months and is in good shape. There are some light scratches on the display from being bounced around with my other test phones.

The phone goes to whoever gives me the best suggestion for improving this website. The decision is mine although I will consult my team of gurus. The winner will be announced within a few days after that. NNY and Central Adirondack reports. Very disappointing.

Many new features, but still no MMS for some reason. Free Incoming plans were quietly deleted. At the low end you are still better off with prepaid. Still no MMS or data however. May Nothing eventful. No tethering and no discounts on this plan. Loss of a couple deals.

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Some monthly packages are improved. Will update the charts when I have some time [thanks Eric]. Note I am currently being charged 15c for some reason. Rumor is that Sprint is mulling going even lower. Don't know what they are waiting for. Sprint was testing this option but is now caught playing catch up after the surprise Verizon Wireless move.

This is more a perception issue as the number of people to take advantage of it is probably small. However I bet some take the opportunity to figure out how a way to resell the airtime. If they can't have that, they demand Verizon to be forced to keep GSM going for at least six years.

Speculation from new phones to changes in employee compensation to an unlimited calling plan. Microsoft to acquire Danger , putting into question the future of the Sidekick and likely ending exclusivity. Feel free to comment in the forum. Great deal! Just a couple adjustments for the next week. That is just highway robbery, but they are following Verizon who followed Sprint. Updated coverage report page.

Just a couple price adjustments for the next week. One warning then data will be cancelled with ETF. Sounds like there will be more checking on correct data plans based on your current device. This will provide continuous native service on Rt. Not sure about the Keene to Peterborough section.

Constant changes! CDMA phones are now available on Net Sad to say there is nothing new to report. Use the e-mail address enternamehere sprintemi. You probably should get a real employee e-mail to sign up. Good for the holidays! It was a well known fact that Verizon had to divest those areas anyways.

This should help push the Unicel sale through. Dobson customers will be grandfathered on their existing plans. No details are available at this time. Good features.

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RF the worst of any phone I own. Field test disabled. Boost ii. Small 3. Can't use your own wallpaper. Please send any suggestions my way. The two companies were too far apart in their valuations. I'll believe it when I see it. Currently, data might not work properly across providers. This move should help in the long term. The good news is that existing customers are grandfathered at the 5c until they change their plan or let the plan expire.

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First change. National Plans. There will be no more minutes of use MOU where data use was charged in minutes. This effectively closes the loophole where you could use free WAP and tether during nights and weekends. Old plans are grandfathered, but any account change will require a switch to the new plan no contract extension, but you will have to change plans.

One exception - you can add a line of service on an existing family share plan and stay on MOU. Mobile web will no longer be charged a monthly fee, but your data use for mobile web will be charged. Data will also be charged for browsing GIN, downloading music or playing online games. Second change. Inpulse prepaid has two new plans probably will take the place of the original one. Daily charge will now only be charged on days of use voice mail and text count.

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However, you get less for your daily charge than you did. You will not be able to use the "Unlimited Nights and weekends" while roaming or for any other purpose other than Domestic local minutes. The last straw may be that Kyocera is buying Sanyo whose phones Nokia was going to rebrand. Daily charge now only on days used. Rates higher, but better overall if you don't use the phone everyday. You can see more at HoFo. No date available at this time. Also clarified Airvoice GSM daily fee is only charged on days the phone is used [thanks analogman].

Also detected intermittently along Rt.

However you can now see it on the Virgin Mobile map. This matches current PYP and plan rates. There are still various fees and short expirations, but it is worth a look to see if it might be a good deal for you. In the notice to customers it says they can't consider this a material change to get out of contract. Another fumble for Sprint.

You'd think that providers would not be trying to push the envelope because ultimately this will get them regulated. Unicel will place cells on a local Silo. The phone gets no signal.

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Unsure about CDMA phones at this time. Amp'd customers have until tomorrow to sign up for new service. They offer only hybrid plans and it's voice and text only. Any previous Amp'd prepaid balance or monthly minutes are terminated tomorrow. There will be no ETF, but Amp'd customers will have to pay their bills or face a collections agency. I will add them to the chart if it looks like a good reliable service. There is now a 20c daily usage fee for any use text or voice. Airtime is lowered to 10c. You'll have to figure out if this is good or bad for you.

The advantage of this plan is that the value is close to regular plans. It seems to be in pre-launch, but you can actually get the plan by calling T-Mobile. Maps not updated yet [thanks Eric]. Like we would ever get all these extensions with our mortgage. I guess the part about Amp'd customer shutting down is not true even though it says that on their own site. The good news is that there are no more ETF fees!

In summary, Amp'd was one of the best values in prepay, on the Verizon network, with roaming at no charge, the best data rates on prepay, best deals on phones, and the only unlimited plan on the Verizon network. I always thought it was a little too good to be true. Combine that with an unmanageable billing system, and you have a recipe for disaster. It did not get the financing it needed to keep going under Chapter 11, and Verizon again asked the courts to let it pull the plug on the bleeding.

Maps not updated yet. Anyone able to give more details? From what I have heard, these are people on the low cost SERO plans, and have multiple retention specials, roam a great deal, or call customer service an average of more than once per day. Sprint admits that they made a mistake dropping members of the military and they will reverse that for them. A couple of the people that got dropped have gone to the press.

Verizon is no longer trying to boot them off the network Rumor says PagePlus is going to add some sort of data access this summer. That will be one tough prepaid deal to beat! No plans to "pull a STI". Unsure if a monthly charge starts up. See the specials page. I am starting out at the top, with a Verizon Blackberry e.

If you have any questions before then feel free to ask! Prepaid Comparison Chart updated.

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  4. Airtime stacking is now unlimited. New Double minute card is a bad deal, go with Net10 if you are going to use more than minutes a month. Expiration is still days though. Added STi Mobile to the chart. I have had more questions about them than anyone else over the past few months. Although an email to customers say the service is still alive, with no way to order refills on-line, and customer service not available by phone, it makes it pretty hard to run the business! Hopefully a better map will be released along with it. Added to links. It's not going to last long, here's why. Enjoy while it lasts.

    In order to obtain service you now have to purchase one of their phones. Corrected Alltel U info [Thanks Mike]. With the great Cingular numbers last quarter, the referral program may be gone for good. One rumor of the program being brought back in February have not been confirmed. GoPhone plans incorrect in footnote [Thanks Walter]. Deleted old Virgin Mobile footnote [Thanks Arnold]. Updated AirVoice does not change for voicemail deposits and access from a landline [Thanks tropicalwahoo]. Corrected Tracfone stacking out to days [Thanks Ed].

    Verizon Mhz coverage has been extended up to Littleton NH. Lake Placid just got Sprint coverage according to their map. Includes M2M, 7PM nights. Some were way out of date. Sending and receiving text messages will cost 15c unless you sign up for a texting plan. Various updates. Updated Speakout Info [Thanks Terry].

    EDGE is on. Calls are deducted at the same on-network rate. Incoming and outgoing calls work, works. WAP roaming works. Free Shipping! That is a first! However, before you get too excited, the website will only let you buy airtime. Good luck signing up for service. Let me know if you do. They tell me you have to find a dealer. Let's hope that similar cooperation is planned around the country! Can't they leave the URLs alone?

    Updated T-Mobile To Go page as well. Virgin Mobile announces international text pricing at premium rates 20c send, 10c receive [via VM e-mail]. Also updated Virgin maps. Cingular reports 1. That includes may places of business. RCR Wireless News. CDMA phones have special deals for the first time! Use my link on the specials page. No further information is available at this time. Page Plus is still a far better deal.

    If you want to join, email me or put something meaningful in your profile. Otherwise, if all you have is an advertisement in your web address, you will be denied member status. I am getting killed by spammers. Also corrected Simple Freedom info. Please help me fill in the chart for instance, can you roam? Hybrid Prepaid Comparison Chart updated as well. The c camera phone and v are finally available!

    New agent web tool determines if customer is a "valued" customer. If not then they can't get phone upgrades. This was met by such negative customer and agent feedback that they had to rescind it. It such a stupid move that hopefully the brainchild of this bonehead idea gets fired. It's probably too late, they are probably promoted already! My guess is more of them will walk than switch. Cingular made this move without first reprogramming all their phones so that you can tell when you are roaming.

    I'm sorry to report that its a horrible deal. You are better off with Tracfone roaming on Unicel. You must purchase a phone. Only U. Lots of good info like current bonus codes. Cellular released new plans today not on the website yet. Most plans are more in line with Verizon. Local Plans are now network plans. It's worth checking out! T mobile refill coupon codes SoixanteSeize Largest selection of prepaid wirless refills. Search T Mobile 25 Refill Card coupons and T Mobile 25 Refill Card deals in latest coupons, recent deals, best deals, offer codes, deal items, bargains, hot deals.

    Could you answer the question of if this Is this valid with the T-mobile One plan and is the number associated with T-mobile. Thank you. Bought my mom a 50 dollar refill card for her prepay phone, but when we tried to refill the phone it turned out. Take a look at our 29 T-Mobile coupons including 1 coupon code, and 28 sales. In case you are not able to use CallingMart Coupon Codes and special. Galaxy J3 Smartphone when you use this T-Mobile coupon code at.

    If you find a broken T-Mobile Wireless coupon or deal link,.