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Report Content. Message 1 of 6 Views. Reply 0 Kudos. MI5 Level Supreme. Posts: 86, Free PAYG sim cards are available from their websites. I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues. Message 2 of 6 Views. Reply 1 Kudo. Re: Unlocking iPhone 5s using a Giffgaff sim. Thank you!

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I've ordered an EE sim. Will I have to pay them money to set it up? Message 3 of 6 Views. No need to pay anything.

GiffGaff iPhone 5S Deals - Best GiffGaff Contracts in the UK

Just put the sim in the phone to complete the unlock process. Message 4 of 6 Views. Thank you so much, really appreciate your help. Message 5 of 6 Views.

Apple iPhone 5s Deals

The question that usually follows that, of course, is whether the service itself is lacking in any way? Definitively no. But it is different. Compare giffgaff SIM deals. Giffgaff has everything and anything you could be looking for, so long as it comes from one of the main mobile phone manufacturers. Apologies for the clear bias towards Apple and Samsung evident in our examples here, it's just you can only have so many examples, and these are the phones most people either have or want to have. You'll also find phones from Sony, Huawei and Nokia on the giffgaff website.

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Only O2 offers OnePlus handsets. If you're a serious gamer and you must have a Razer Phone the writer of this review has one and they are awesome , then you can only get it from Three. Visit giffgaff. As previously alluded to, customer service with giffgaff is a very different proposition from any other provider you could name. How 'good' or 'bad' the experience is doesn't rely on how upbeat the call centre employee is, but how responsive the giffgaff community is and how extensive its knowledge base.

If you have a question, your first port of call will be the knowledge base. Think of it like an encyclopedia covering all the problems thus far experienced. If you don't get a satisfactory answer there, you can ask the community, or if it's something account-related, you can 'ask an agent', which involves submitting an online form.

All of which sounds great on paper, but the proof is in the pudding: what do giffgaff users make of this system and how well does it work for the average customer?

Unlock Your iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S To All Networks With Nanorios Sim Use GiffGaff Sim

Well, these things are often difficult to gauge. In terms of finding out what real customers think of the service the best source is Trustpilot. But there are problems. This is because people only tend to take the time out of their day to write a review when want to complain about things.

How to Unlock your iPhone 5s

Trustpilot pages, then, are heavily biased towards negative reviews. You can, however, look at it more relatively. Giffgaff's two stars out of five are positively spectacular next to EE, Vodafone and Three, for example, who each only have one star. As alluded to further up the page, giffgaff is often second to none when it comes to value for money. In fact, there have been numerous occasions when the latest iPhone is to be found cheapest with giffgaff. That's because giffgaff not only doesn't have to support its own network it uses O2's , but it doesn't need to make its customers bear the weight of all that infrastructure other network providers tend to have, from highstreet shops to call centres.

You can use our comparison tool to see how giffgaff's current range of handset and SIM-only deals stacks up price-wise against the competition. It tends to do well. Giffgaff operates on O2's network. Flaws that go for every other network provider as much as they do for O2. The first is to do with the way the signal is measured. It tends to be calculated as a radius around the mast, taking into consideration the contours of the landscape hills block signal.


What it doesn't do is actually measure anything indoors, where you might not only be blocked partly by especially thick walls, but also by any large buildings between your location and the mast. If you want to be absolutely sure, invite someone round to your house who's with O2 and see what their signal is like. The second flaw is to do with the 'population' part of that measure. It means coverage is heavily weighted towards built-up areas, and that means that the further away you are from those built-up areas the less likely you are to get a workable signal.

You can use giffgaff's O2 network coverage checker to get an idea of how strong the signal is where you live. Check giffgaff coverage.